About the blog:

Are you in love with film? Of course you are! Why else would you be here? Well this blog is perfect for you. This blog provides all the information on film that you could ever want, reviews, greatest films of all time lists, notes on genre and of course discussions around the theory of film. Like the sound of that? take a look around and see if you find something you like!

About Me:

My name’s Jimmy and I am an 18 year old guy from England who loves everything about film. Since my dad bought our family our first DVD player when i was about two i have been absolutely obsessed with the magic of cinema. I have studied film at both GCSE level and A Level and study the subject virtually all the time I’m awake. I made this blog so that i could share some of the thoughts and feelings I’ve developed as well as hearing what other people think. I hope you all enjoy this blog and I look forward to adding as much content as I can.